Real-World Use Cases

Osmo is the first tool designed for busy professionals that transcribes and summarizes conversations with 100% privacy.


Capture key takeaways from executive meetings, offering a concise overview for absent stakeholders.


Elevate job interview performance, articulating clearly and pinpointing essential knowledge.


After weekly reviews, capture key action points and updates for the team to act swiftly.


Post-leadership meetings, automatically distill discussions for timely team dissemination, ensuring alignment on decisions and priorities.


Deepen research insights by capturing and analyzing key points efficiently. Get clarity and advance your understanding.


Capture summaries from online and offline conferences while multitasking. Never lose crucial points and effortlessly share insights with your team.


Before pivotal strategic sessions, provide a condensed review of prior discussions to keep continuity.

Vendor Discussions

Post-meetings with vendors or partners, offer condensed notes to expedite review and action by departments.

Candidate Feedback

After interviews, capture feedback from hiring panels for quicker decision-making.