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Osmo helps busy professionals and podcasters turn conversations into searchable insights. Create summaries, repurpose content and get sharable snippets in 1-click. No bots, no plugins.

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Stop Wasting Time.

Ever felt that you are ALWAYS typing down notes during conversations?

Sit Back, Relax, Speak Calmly

Osmo is the only tool you need to succeed and make it look easy

Smart AI Transcriptions

Capture and search important conversations and podcast insights effortlessly, making every word discoverable and shareable.

Custom Summary Styles

Uncover sharable insights in 1-click.

Universal Cross-Platform Support

Osmo functions seamlessly on every platform, whether you're hosting or attending a meeting.

Why Osmo?

Unlimited Notes

Get free and accurate notes automatically with cutting-edge AI speech recognition.

No Bots or Plugins

Osmo is non-intrusive and does not require any bots or plugins to work.

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Dive into Osmo's AI capabilities, completely free to start using.

No Cloud-Based Processing

Unlike cloud-based transcription services, Osmo transcribes directly on your device, keeping your data private and secure

Zero Data Training

Osmo guarantees that your transcriptions will not be used to train algorithms

Stay Offline, Stay Secure

Internet access is not required for transcription, allowing you to work securely even in offline mode

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What People Are Saying

"Osmo saves me 15 minutes after every call and even finds valuable insights that I overlooked. It ultimately promotes a deeper understanding in all my conversations"

- Kareem K


"Osmo has transformed the way I approach customer interactions, enabling us to gain valuable insights by analyzing trends and key takeaways across multiple customer calls."

- Jeremy L

Director of Sales

"I use Osmo to explore the unknown unknowns. It provides multiple perspectives, offers deeper insights and helps me achieve my conversation goals."

- Edeline Y

Senior Product Manager

"It's a commitment to watch full recordings and often times I try to skip to a certain point or just pull certain information. Osmo saves hours of time for me every week."

- Kareem K


"Osmo helps me communicate better and share why certain decisions are made, whether it be related to product and engineering or within the company as a whole."

- Jeremy L

Director of Sales

"Osmo builds conviction internally by gathering quotes from users. Privacy is extremely important and a lot of legal work goes into ensuring participants' identities are kept private."

- Edeline Y

Senior Product Manager


Who Can Benefit?

Osmo helps with understanding, gaining new insights, and exploring different perspectives.

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